The Ultimate Millionaire Summit:

October 26 - 29, 2016 | San Diego, CA

Stop working so hard for your money. It’s time to get your money working hard for you!

When you attend the Summit, you will:

  • Learn the latest business-building techniques on Facebook, LinkedIn, book publishing, Amazon and eBay.
  • Discover business automation systems and tactics.
  • Meet investors who are looking for businesses to invest in.
  • Discover a system to consistently attract high-end clients.

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The Ultimate Millionaire Summit Is An Event That Will Re-Wire Your Money-Making, Wealth Blueprint!

Loral Langemeier, New York Time Bestselling Author, international speaker, coach and wealth expert, has spent the last 20 years helping thousands of individuals and businesses to make more money.

As an owner of 86 companies, Loral knows first-hand what is needed to boost revenue and increase profits.

Loral created the Ultimate Millionaire Summit to gather her experts, business partners and community members together once a year to discuss the latest money making trends and alternative investment opportunities.


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What People Are Saying About Loral & The Ultimate Millionaire Summit

"I personally know countless people who are millionaires today and credit Loral with their financial success."
-Bob Proctor

"Loral Langemeier’s message is a powerful one. She has helped thousands of people think, act, and invest the way the wealthy do."
-Dr. John Gray

"Loral Langemeier’s investment strategies make millionaires – and the best thing is that anyone can use them."
-T. Harv Eker

"By not taking risks, by not living our full potential, we risk it all! Say YES! now then figure out how. Loral’s philosophy is shared with you through her formula for channeling the right energy at the right time to reach the right directions."
-Sharon Lechter

A Message From Loral Langemeier

Days left until the Ultimate Millionaire Summit.



This gets you into all the main events. You’ll hear all the keynote speakers, and you can be there for the live Shark Panel.

The events are an incredible opportunity for you to learn and connect with like-minded people. We could very well sell out early this year.

  • General Admission SWAG Bag
  • Access to general event sessions and trainings
  • $100 Loral Bucks (Valid for products/programs purchased at the event only)



The VIP experience is by far the best value. You will want to make sure you maximize the contacts and the education you get at the event.

You’ll get VIP seating, and a VIP lounge, and a swag bag like every other seminar, but that’s not what V.I.P. is about in our world.

  • Access to ALL food and beverage events!
  • Event Recording
  • VIP Welcome Event (Wednesday Night)
  • Cocktails & Networking Event
  • VIP Gala Night (Friday)
  • Special Seating
  • Early Entrance
  • VIP Welcome Bag
  • VIP Registration
  • Ribbon designation
  • $500 Loral Bucks (Valid for products/programs purchased at the event only.)

VIP Shark Panel

If you’re VIP, you have the opportunity to submit your business idea/plan to the shark panel and potentially get funding.

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Register for General Admission or VIP And Enjoy These Bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: Wealth Profile (Value of $2000)

    When you secure your seat for the 2016 Ultimate Millionaire Summit, you will automatically have access to our top wealth experts, including Rob Kolb of Financial Freedom Day. Rob will work with you to establish your financial baseline and provide a gap analysis with clear next steps on how you can bridge the “Gap” and make your financial goals a reality.

  • BONUS 2: Loral's YES! Energy Bootcamp (Value of $599)

    Secure your seat for the Ultimate Millionaire Summit today and get immediate access to the YES! Energy Bootcamp. Discover the unique “YES!” equation that focuses on 8 different areas of your life and learn how to create energy, momentum, and extreme optimism.

  • BONUS 3: 1-On-1 Tax Strategy Session (Value of $599)

    Secure your seat for the Ultimate Millionaire Summit today and you automatically receive a complimentary Tax Strategy session with one of our experts. Making money is one thing…Knowing how to manage and keep MORE of your hard-earned money is another skill set. We’re excited for you to learn some new techniques to keep more cash in your pockets.

Keynote & Expert Speakers

Jim Kwik
Brain Performance Coach

Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, rapid learning, and mental performance. His mission? To help you learn faster, master information overload and unlock your genius.

Jim Kwik is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, rapid learning, and mental performance. His mission? To help you learn faster, master information overload and unlock your genius.

Jim's cutting edge techniques, entertaining presentation style, and impressive brain-power feats have made him a frequent and highly sought out trainer for top organizations, with clients that include Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity. As Founder of Kwik Learning, he has also served served as the brain performance coach to many of the world's most admired CEOs, celebrities, and elite mental performers over the past two decades.

Kevin Harrington
Entrepreneur & TV Personality

With over 500 product launches that have resulted in more than $4 billion in sales worldwide, Kevin Harrington is one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial world and was one of the original sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank.”

With over 500 product launches that have resulted in more than $4 billion in sales worldwide, Kevin Harrington is one of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial world and was one of the original sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank.”

Kevin is also the former Chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc. He is a founding board member of ERA (Electronic Retailers Association), which is now in 45 countries, and EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization), which has more than 10,000 members around the world with total member sales of over $500 billion.

Today, Kevin is the Founder & CEO of Star Shop, a Sprint-powered mobile app featuring celebrity-endorsed products worldwide, and Founder of Global Leaders Organization (GLO). GLO is a platform for owners, CEOs and investors to do more business together, make valuable connections and create locate new opportunities via a Deal Network.

Craig Duswalt
Speaker, Author, and the creator of RockStar Marketing

Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

Craig Duswalt
Speaker, Author, Radio Host, and the creator of RockStar Marketing and RockStar Personal Growth.

Craig Duswalt is a Speaker, Author, Radio Host, and the creator of RockStar Marketing and RockStar Personal Growth.

Craig’s background includes touring with Guns N’ Roses, as Axl Rose’s personal assistant, and Air Supply, as the band’s personal assistant.

In his presentations, Craig shares numerous stories of his days with Guns N’ Roses and Air Supply, and behind-the-scenes encounters with some of the biggest names in entertainment; people like Bono, U2, Metallica, Queen, Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, George Michael, David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Robert Plant, Elton John, Gianni Versace, Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Dave Navarro, Rick Springfield, Eddie Money, Michael Hutchense, and a bunch more.

Craig was also an award-winning copywriter, working as a Creative Director for a Los Angeles-based ad agency until opening up his own ad agency, Green Room Design & Advertising, which was named the 2002 Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year.

Craig combined his backgrounds in both music and marketing, and is now a professional speaker and author, promoting his RockStar Events all over the country, teaching entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based business and the self-employed how to promote themselves and their business by thinking outside the box at his 3 1/2-Day RockStar Events every March and September in Los Angeles.

Craig Duswalt also speaks to corporations on how to market like a RockStar, to colleges about drug awareness, and at numerous seminars, associations and conferences, teaching entrepreneurs how to use outside the box marketing techniques to attract clients, and how to stand out from the competition — Like a RockStar.

Craig will be speaking across the country on his Rock Your Life World Tour in the fall of 2016.

Jay Fiset
Mastermind To Millions

I am dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.

Jay Fiset

Best selling author, student of human nature, avid outdoorsman at 5 star hotels, speaks fluent smart ass, can see and reflect your life mission in 5 minutes flat, loves having 2 sons so he can play with their toys, still fantasizes about his wife after 25 years, loves ideas, but loves results even more, can simultaneously laugh and cry for different reasons at the same time, has never been star struck (but did not get a chance to meet martin Luther King, and there would have been teenage girl screaming if I had).
I am dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.

Christian Mickelsen
CEO of Future Force, Inc. and Best-Selling Author of "Get Clients Today"

Christian Mickelsen
CEO of Future Force, Inc. and Best-Selling Author of "Get Clients Today"

Christian Mickelsen is the #1 best-selling author of “Get Clients Today”. He is a self made multi-millionaire business coach and healer that started from nothing and worked his way up to stardom in the coaching/personal growth world, sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Reid Tracy, Dan Millman, and many others. He’s on a mission to get the whole world

Thomas Blackwell
Speaker & Entrepreneur

Thomas Blackwell
Speaker & Entrepreneur

Thomas Blackwell travels the world as a high demand speaker and inspires small business owners on how to automate their sales and marketing in order to dominate their market. He is an entrepreneur, an author, a husband, and a father of four beautiful girls. One of his greatest accomplishments is convincing his high school sweetheart to marry him.

Nancy Matthews
Speaker, Author & Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

Nancy Matthews
Speaker, Author & Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

Nancy is an International Speaker, Author and Business Consultant.  She combines her 25+ years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with an intuitive understanding of people.  Nancy engages and entertains audiences while providing practical solutions to their daily life and business challenges.

She is known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent challenges, obstacles and distractions.  She shares the mindset and marketing strategies that allowed her to grow from a mixed up little girl from Brooklyn, a struggling single Mom, living paycheck to paycheck into a successful business owner, proud parent, respected leader and sought after speaker.

Author of “Visionaries with Guts” and creator of the highly acclaimed Receiving Your Riches course, Nancy has dedicated her life to bringing out the best in others and truly “empowering” them to live the life of their dreams. As a business owner, parent, and community leader she has mastered the art of being a balanced and happy entrepreneur and it brings her joy to share the keys to success with others.

Robyn Johnson
ECommerce Marketplace & Amazon Expert

Robyn Johnson
ECommerce Marketplace & Amazon Expert

My name is Robyn Johnson and I am not your typical entrepreneur. I never had a lemonade stand growing up or even sold Girl Scout cookies. Before starting my business, I was in about the least capitalistic profession possible—I worked for a church.

We didn’t start this business with a large, official business loan. I took $100 from our emergency fund, which was more than a lot of money to us then. My start was not glamorous. I woke my 3-year-old son and infant daughter every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings to go from one garage sale to another to find items and resell them on Craigslist. Then I would go work at the church.

From selling on Craigslist we built some capital, we moved to eBay, Amazon, our own website, coaching, consulting, web design, and course creation. We have sold over a million dollars’ worth of products on Amazon and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ on eBay. I’ve taught courses to eager students who have used my methods with success on a worldwide scale.

Rob Kolb
Licensed Securities Professional

Rob Kolb
Licensed Securities Professional

Robert Kolb grew up in the greater Cincinnati area. As a securities licensed professional in the financial services industry since 1997, Rob holds his Series 6, 63 and 26 Limited Principal Supervisor Security Licenses with CoreCap Investments, Inc.

Rob established Kolb Financial Services in 2007 and began educating his clients on new strategies for creating and preserving wealth. Rob continues daily his thirst for education and knowledge; always striving to be the best; he is presently a member of the Independent Excellence Group, a Master Mentor for Circle of Wealth, and a General Partner in Go Green Financial & Insurance Services where he also maintains his life, health, annuity, property and casualty licenses.

Rob is a veteran of the USAF and continues to serve his community as an active member and past President of the Rocklin Loomis Basin Rotary Club and past Chairman of the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce. His motto is: “If what you thought to be true about money turned out to be not true, when would you like to know?”

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams
Founders, Wide Awake Business
How to Use LinkedIn for Lead and Prosperity

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams
Founders, Wide Awake Business
How to Use LinkedIn for Lead and Prosperity

We know a few things about getting and keeping customers (we’ve done it for over 4,811 small business owners and generated over $544 million in revenue for them). But what really sets us apart is we not only show you how you can get and keep customers, we do it with you…side-by-side…using a system (systems are always good) called the Customer Generator System.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve made $1 or $1Million dollars in your business, the Customer Generator System will simplify your business, enable you to stop doing things that aren’t right for your customers, put time back into your life and create a more prosperous business…and life. 

One of the most critical elements of the Customer Generator System is to know your customer so well you know where they “hang out.” And one of the most underappreciated “hangouts” is LinkedIn.

In this conversation we’ll show you if LinkedIn is right for you to attract new prospects, and then how to use it to grow your database, build your reputation for results, create conversations with qualified prospects, and get them asking you for an appointment.

We’ll show you what our LinkedIn program has done for Loral and our own business plus introduce you to small business owners like Julie, Ashley, Eric, Lesa, Lisa and Peter…just to name-drop a few…who are “all in” on LinkedIn. 

Funny, engaging and just a bit irreverent our conversation with you just might change your business. It just might.

Tom Powell
Investment Banker & CFO at Homebound Resources

Tom Powell
Investment Banker & CFO at Homebound Resources

Tom Powell is an innovative investment manager and banker with expertise in raising capital, investment risk analysis, distressed debt recovery, and deal structure. Tom’s focus is on the art and science of raising, deploying, and managing investment capital across various spectrums; from commercial real estate to venture startups.

Weldon Wulstein
CPA, Investor

Weldon Wulstein
CPA, Investor

For years, Wulstein Financial Services has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. Our expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements, and financial planning.

Wulstein Financial Services is one of the leading firms in and throughout the area. By combining our expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns year after year.

Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients' needs through research and sound analysis. Wulstein Financial Services is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism. We have been a staple of the area's business community for years, and pride ourselves on the level of esteem we have earned.

Our dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around the area. We believe this to be a direct derivative of our talent and responsiveness to our client base. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that individuals and businesses who choose Wulstein Financial Services receive competent and timely advice.

Stefan Toth
Energy & Real Estate Entrepreneur

Stefan Toth
Energy & Real Estate Entrepreneur

Stefan’s rich entrepreneurial past in energy and real estate demonstrates a track record of growing successful companies. His vision for HomeBound Resources is defined by a principle methodology: Control the transaction from inception to completion. This mindset allowed Stefan to grow HomeBound Resources by more than 300% in net revenue in 2013, and again in 2014.

Ben Williams
Asset Management Expert

Ben Williams
Asset Management Expert

Ben has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry including the areas of public securities, mortgage brokering and lending, life insurance and qualified retirement plans.

For the past 5 years Ben has been exclusively focused on self-directed retirement account education and services and travels nationally to speak and train on this topic. Ben is passionate about empowering individuals with information to make their own financial decisions and believes in finding creative solutions for almost any financial problem.

Prior to joining iSelfDirect Ben’s experience includes World Marketing Alliance Securities, Horner, Townsend & Kent and American Skanida Insurance/Prudential Financial.

Yoram Baltinester
The Personal Development Samurai

Yoram Baltinester
The Personal Development Samurai

Yoram has been training entrepreneurs and business professionals since 1989 while being involved in the High-tech world in various capacities. His fast, fierce and focused approach has earned him the nickname of “The Personal Development Samurai”.

Through decades of trial and error, success and failure, and many transitions that life has taken him through, Yoram collected his insights and crafted a proven protocol he calls Decisive Action. Using this protocol people can make quality decision when the matter at hand is life changing or effects the future of their businesses.

Yoram believes that all areas of life are intertwined and cannot be separated. In order to be successful in your business, fulfilled in your relationship or happy with your health you must make progress in all of them.

Through this belief and the use of the Decisive Action protocol Yoram successfully accomplished multiple business projects as well as personal ones.

Just some of Yoram’s business accomplishments are:

  • Serving in various Business Development, Marketing and Product Management positions in the software industry for private and public companies in Europe, Middle East and the USA.
  • Started an Information Technology management company right after September 11th and sold it successfully in 2013.
  • Has been involved in three startups in the Personal Growth space – all still operating, one has been in business since 1985.

In 1992 Yoram and his wife Shifra took a year to travel around the world accomplishing wonders such as crossing the Gobi Desert, traveling into Tibet and proceeding to cross the Himalayas into Nepal. All was accomplished using the same Decisive Action Protocol and the principles that Yoram teaches.

Today Yoram Baltinester consults private clients and companies, delivers public workshops and is s sought after public speaker.

Fred Auzenne
Former Army Counterintelligence
Now a Business Leader Specializing in Franchises

Fred Auzenne
Former Army Counterintelligence
Now a Business Leader Specializing in Franchises

An Arizona business leader who leads as chief executive officer of Legacy Franchise Group in Scottsdale, Fred Auzenne spent the early years of his career as a counterintelligence special agent with the US Army.

His responsibilities in this capacity included conducting security investigations, preparing and distributing counterintelligence reports, and participating in Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations (CFSO). Over his seven years of service, Fred Auzenne earned a number of awards and citations, as well as a place on the All-Army Pistol Team.
As the chief executive officer of Legacy Franchise Group, Fred Auzenne provides strategic leadership for the company and ensures that it meets its performance goals.

He also sits on the board of Crossroads, Inc., the largest drug and alcohol rehabilitation network in the southwestern United States.

In his free time, Fred Auzenne enjoys pursuing his aviation hobby. A licensed private pilot with IFR and multi-engine ratings, he until recently used his turbo-normalized Beechcraft Bonanza to commute to trade shows in the region.

John Lawson
Digital Media Specialist, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, IBM Futurist and Ebay Influencer

John Lawson
Digital Media Specialist, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, IBM Futurist and Ebay Influencer

John Lawson is the “go to” authority when it comes to online selling success in the Digital Age. Not only is he the brains behind the bestselling digital marketing book on Amazon, “Kickass Social Commerce for Epreneurs,” but he is also a multiple award winning social commerce strategist, űber successful digital entrepreneur and a sought after speaker who has traveled to 5 continents, touring more than two dozen countries and addressing tens of thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Whether he is hosting a panel discussion at South by Southwest in Austin, moderating the eTail Nordic Conference in Denmark, teaching small business owners in South Africa, addressing eBay sellers in Australia, producing his own annual conference in Atlanta or speaking on behalf of industry giants like American Express and InfusionSoft, John shares his proven strategies for winning in business with multinational corporations like, IKEA, LEGO, Husqvarna and BBC Worldwide as well as self-motivated business owners who are on the road to personal and financial independence.

David T. Fagan
How To Be An Icon In Your Industry

David T. Fagan
How To Be An Icon In Your Industry

David T. Fagan is a columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine and the host of the California Cable TV show, The Hollywood Entrepreneur.

He is also the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, which sold over 23 million books in 62 languages all over the world, as well as the former owner of LCO Communications, a Beverly Hills PR firm that has represented 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Winners, and 43 New York Times Best Sellers.

David is regularly sought out by the media on entrepreneur education and cracking the icon code.  He has recently been featured onFox & Friends, the Today Show with Matt Lauer, The Washington Post, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox’s The Five, and What’s Happening Now. And most recently won the award for Entrepreneur Educator of the Year from Infusionsoft.

He is a best selling author and an International Speaker in places as far away as Bangladesh and Australia. He has shared the stage with everyone from Former Secretary of Defense Dr. Bob Gates to Mark Victor Hansen.

David’s company, Icon Builder Media, is based out of Southern California where he lives with his wife and his 8 children.

Randy Tate
Flipping Wall Street, Robotic Trading Software

Randy Tate
Flipping Wall Street, Robotic Trading Software

After spending time as a college athlete, Randy channeled his passion to serve into his career as a high school teacher and athletics coach.

Based on frustrations he faced as a coach in sourcing uniforms and equipment, Randy started athletic apparel company, Game Day Athletics, and as its CEO, grew revenues to $5M before selling the business to publicly traded sporting goods company, Sport Chalet.

Building on lessons learned as an educator, coach and entrepreneur, Randy has spent the last 8 years on stages, in workshops and as a one-on-one coach teaching small business owners about sales, marketing, and the mindset of success.

He captivates audiences by inviting them to envision the future of their dreams, and demonstrating how the business fundamentals of marketing and sales can be performed with a servant’s heart.

During the past year Randy has served as VP of business training for customers and internal employee training at Infusionsoft.

During that time developing the internal progression path for the Delight org and overseeing the expansion of the Elite Business Education curriculum and training.

Dave Smith
How to put your Kids through College without Student Loans

Dave Smith
How to put your Kids through College without Student Loans

Education has always been a priority to my family and me. It became even more important on December 21, 2001 when I made a promise to my mother who was battling cancer at that time.

I committed to ensuring that all of her grandchildren would have the opportunity to graduate from college without the burden of student debt.

That was the start of my journey to find the formula to benefit not only my family, but many families. Since then I have successfully worked with over 1,400 families to obtain a college education in a timely manner with zero or minimal debt. To help even more families benefit from these techniques, I wrote the book College Without Student Loans.

My mission now is to make the proven SAFE Steps™ process available and affordable to families nationwide to help students obtain a college education cost effectively and launch into a satisfying career.

Raymond Aaron
Professional Training & Coaching

Raymond Aaron
Professional Training & Coaching

Raymond Aaron, has committed his life to teaching people how to dramatically change their lives for the better. Raymond transforms lives by helping people tap into their own potential.

Today, Raymond is helping people achieve greater wealth, branding, recognition, confidence, respect and authority. Raymond teaches his clients how to become respected authorities and experts in their fields.

Raymond Aaron has shared his vision and wisdom on radio and television programs for over 20 years. He is the author of 8 best-selling books, including Branding Small Business For Dummies, Double Your Income Doing What You Love and the co-author of New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and author of the Canadian best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul.

He is also an avid adventurer having completed one of the world’s toughest races, Polar Race (a 350 mile foot race to the Magnetic North Pole). This trek to the North Pole has inspired his newest title, How You Can Get Rich Without Getting Cold.


Raymond Aaron teaching a large audience

Raymond Aaron remains one of the most sought-after speakers in North America. He lives with his wife in Toronto, Canada and is the father of two daughters and two step-daughters and he is particularly proud of his grandson and three granddaughters.

Jesse Brewer
Real Estate

Jesse Brewer
Real Estate

Jesse Brewer purchased his first rental property in 2003, a single family house in Newport Kentucky that he still owns to this very day. Since then Jesse has acquired several more investment properties in his portfolio that consist of single family homes, multi-unit buildings and commercial use spaces. In 2005 Jesse earned real estate licenses in both Kentucky and Ohio so that he could begin helping others build their own cash flow real estate portfolios.

In 2008 Jesse realized a need for good property management, especially in the small to mid-size apartment buildings. This caused him to start Cincy Area Properties, which is a property management firm that specializes in cash flow real estate. Today Cincy Area Properties manages over 1200 units Northern parts of Cincinnati down into Northern Kentucky and is becoming a recognized industry leader in the cash flow real estate industry.

Following up to management company in 2013 Jesse discovered the need for common sense apartment and investment brokerage services and Jesse, with new partner Matthew Amos, opened up Commercial Apartment Properties, which is the sister company and brokerage arm to Cincy Area Properties.

Jesse also spends his time raising his three boys aged 12, 10 and 7. In his spare time he spare time he heads a privately funded holiday event called “Landlord Santa” in which needy families that rent a Cincy Area Properties home can get selected for help with holiday gifts and winter necessities. Additionally Jesse is also the author of several real estate books whose titles include “Jesse Brewer – Tenants Uncommon”, “Complete Guild to Foreclosure Investing” and “Landlording 101 – Making Money from the beginning.”

Kieron Sweeney
International speaker, trainer, business coach, and digital entrepreneur.

Kieron Sweeney is an international speaker, trainer, business coach, and digital entrepreneur.

His love for personal growth began in 1991 after his life collapsed due to some poor business decisions. After dedicating the next two years of his life to working on himself, he re-emerged as a successful businessman and eventually became a public speaker. He has since trained and impacted the lives of over 500,000 people all over the world.

Kieron primarily specializes in mindset and inner reality work, and applies this expertise to business, relationship and empowerment trainings. His strategic business coaching’s have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to overcome their limitations, and his breakthrough processes have helped his clients and students to prosper in all areas of their lives.

Kieron teaches and leads from the heart. He believes the ego-centric mind has to be tempered so that men and women can step fully into their hearts and become true leaders, positively impacting their communities and the world.

His greatest love is for his four children, and it is his desire to help create a world where all children can live in peace and harmony, versus fear and sadness.

In November 2016, Kieron will be leading the Awakened Brothers Retreat in Bali with a hand selected group of additional facilitators. Everyone involved leads from their heart, and are committed to the awakening of all men; giving men who are ready the opportunity to live from their hearts as well.

Sean Roach
Insightful, Intuitive, Revolutionary, Think Engine

Sean Roach

Throughout the past twenty years, Sean Roach has built an entrepreneurial empire helping businesses solve problems and realize their potential. Using his expertise in internet marketing and organizational turnaround, Sean provides practical advice on how businesses can expand their reach and learn to respond to the inevitable changes in business and technology.
Sean is also a much sought-after speaker.

In this role, he shares his knowledge across a wide range of industries on tangible tactics anyone can use to achieve success. In both his books and speaking engagements, Sean inspires people to take action and make their goals a reality by giving them the tools to pursue their dreams.

Featured Presentations

Shark Panel

What Is A Shark Panel

Remember the Hit TV Show “Shark Tank”?

YES! That “Shark Tank”.

Think Shark Tank but instead of tuning into a pre-recorded TV show, you’re viewing or maybe even PITCHING to our hand-picked Panel of “Sharks” (AKA Investors).

It gets better.

This year, we’ve arranged to host a Shark Panel with investors who have committed to investing in at least one business idea that’s pitched at the event.


With a VIP ticket, you have the chance to pitch your idea in front of investors who are looking for someone to give their money too!

It’s easy to do.

After you reserve your VIP ticket, we’ll be in touch with clear next steps on how to have your chance to pitch to our very own Shark Panel.

Not looking for an infusion of cash to grow your business?

Even if you’re not actively looking for investors, the experience of watching our Shark Panel give live feedback and business advice is priceless.

You’ll walk away with ideas on how to grow your business by simply listening to the conversations during the Shark Panel.

It’s a whole new perspective on business growth and development.

Market Place

We’re hosting the largest Money-Market Place in Live Out Loud history at the Ultimate Millionaire Summit. When you attend the event, you get access to the market place.

What does access to the market place mean?

A market place is an orchestrated selling event!


We lay out the guidelines and bring together event participants in a unique format that is designed to help you grow your business and make money on the spot.

You get instant access to over 300 potential customers to sell your product and/or services. Chances are, you’ll leave the event with more money than you came with!

Kids Biz School

These are the next generation of wealth-builders and they need training and support too ...

By the time a kid is 18, she or he has had years of financial ‘education’ by default, thanks to the adults around them, the educational system and the media. That’s why the best way to ensure your kids gain financial literacy that lasts a lifetime is to teach them when they’re young.

It’s also why the Ultimate Millionaire Summit 2016 offers a Business Bootcamp for Kids*. If you’ve got children, here’s why enrolling them is so valuable ...

  • Build Their First Cash-Machine: With the help of Bootcamp Mentors, kids ages 8-19 will determine their own Cash Machine Based on the Live Out Loud Skillset Analyzer and their own unique gifts, interests and talents.
  • Gain Confidence and Valuable Team-Building Skills: Games and fun activities will bring a spirit of collaboration to the Summit’s “junior” attendees. These are the experiences that provide kids with the confidence and education to engage the world in a more empowered way.
  • Develop Business Know-How: Mentors will teach Bootcamp attendees core business-building skills like: Modeling a Business, Managing Money, Revenue Modeling; Clarifying Target Audience and “What is Your Why?”
  • Marketing 101 Training: 30-Day Plans, 120-Day plans and Funnel-Building are just 3 of the essential (and fun!) marketing training sessions in store for Bootcamp Kids.
  • Learn Sales Skills: Children will gain key sales skills to last a lifetime such as: Selling versus Serving; Holding “Ask-Tell-Ask” Conversations; How to Sell in a Marketplace and much more!
  • Speak with one our strategist to get your teen entrepreneur registered after you purchase your ticket.

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Our group rate is $209 per night.

Complimentary Airport Shuttle To/From The Westin Hotel and the SAN Airport

The Westin San Diego provides a complimentary San Diego Airport shuttle service to/from the San Diego International Airport between 6am and 11pm, 7 days a week.

Once you have collected your luggage, please contact the hotel at (619) 239-4500 and one of our operators will give you directions to the pick-up area and an estimated time of arrival as to when the driver will be there to pick you up. If you wish to take our shuttle to the airport, please make arrangements at the luggage desk 24 hours prior to your departure.

Once the host hotel fills here are some alternative hotels nearby:

Renaissance San Diego Downtown
421 W B St, San Diego, CA, 92101 United States

Bristol Hotel
1055 1st Ave, San Diego, CA, 92101 United States

Springhill Suites San Diego Downtown/Bayfront
900 Bayfront Court, San Diego, CA, 92101 United States

We also recommend

Getting Around San Diego

San Diego is a remarkably easy city to get around. The following transportation options are readily available:

• Uber (Download on Android or iPhone)
• Lift (Download on Android or iPhone)
• Pedicabs (Available in downtown Gaslamp district to hail curbside)
Red Trolley

Driving Directions From San Diego International Airport to The Westin

3 miles - 18 minutes with traffic - Click for Google Directions 











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