The Ultimate Millionaire Summit:

Grow Your Business.  Grow Your Wealth.

October 26th - October 29th, 2016 in San Diego

Attention: Business Owners, High-Income Earners, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Venture Capitalists, this event is for you!

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Why Is The Ultimate Millionaire Summit MORE Valuable Than Any Other Event You’ve Attended?

It’s simple.

The Ultimate Millionaire Summit is a culmination of almost two decades of high-level business and investing education.

You’ll learn how to make money, how to keep more of the money you make and how to invest so you make EVEN more money.

Stop working so hard for your money. It’s time to get your money working hard for you!

The Ultimate Millionaire Summit is the ONLY place where Business and Wealth Creation combine to form the Ultimate Millionaire Plan.

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How To Avoid The 2 HUGE Mistakes That Almost All Business Owners And High-Income Earners Make...

Mistake #1: Business Owners and High-Income Earners pay way too much $$$ in taxes!!

Imagine learning how to structure your business (or create a business on the side) so you can KEEP more of your money and give less of it away to the government? This is absolutely possible and easier than you may think...

At the Ultimate Millionaire Summit, we’re bringing in tax and entity experts (including International experts!) to teach you simple tweaks you can apply to your business structure that will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Mistake #2: Business Owners and High-Income Earners typically “Park and Pray” their money or stash it away in a low-interest savings account.

You’re guilty of “parking and praying” your money if you trust financial advisors to park your money in traditional investment options such as IRA’s, Mutual Funds, Stock Market Investments (AKA ON Wall Street Investments) and other low return investment options.

In most cases, your trusted “Financial Advisor” probably makes less money than you and has completed minimum requirements to acquire a simple financial advisor certificate.

You don’t need to be an expert at investing money, but you do need to educate yourself on the different options available to you so you can lead your wealth team and generate lasting wealth.


There are alternative assets to investing that yield double digit returns.

This is what Loral calls Off Wall Street Assets and this is what you’ll learn when you attend the 2016 Ultimate Millionaire Summit.

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Why You Need To Attend The Ultimate Millionaire Summit In San Diego.

  • Connect with hundreds and hundreds of extraordinary like-minded people who are committed to financial freedom and a new-way of making wealth.
  • Meet investors who are looking for businesses to invest in
  • Learn how to make MORE money. We’re flying in world-class experts who will teach you how to uplevel your business and income, FAST!
  • Learn how to pay less money in taxes. Loral’s personal tax and business strategist will be sharing strategies designed to help you KEEP more of your money.
  • Discover why Off Wall Street Assets (Real Estate, Franchising, how to OWN a gas and oil well, etc.) are the fastest path to wealth.
  • Get access to vetted (Off Wall Street) investment opportunities that will get your money making money for you!
  • Learn how Equity Crowd Funding can help your business and your wealth.
  • Learn about self-directed IRA’s and how to get qualified money when you work for yourself.
  • Get educated on International Business Strategy and learn how to put it to use in your business.

Plus so much more…

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Days left until the Ultimate Millionaire Summit.



This gets you into all the main events. You’ll hear all the keynote speakers, and you can be there for the live Shark Panel.

The events are an incredible opportunity for you to learn and connect with like-minded people. We could very well sell out early this year.

  • General Admission SWAG Bag
  • Access to general event sessions and trainings
  • $100 Loral Bucks (Valid for products/programs purchased at the event only)



The VIP experience is by far the best value. You will want to make sure you maximize the contacts and the education you get at the event.

You’ll get VIP seating, and a VIP lounge, and a swag bag like every other seminar, but that’s not what V.I.P. is about in our world.

  • Access to ALL food and beverage events!
  • Event Recording
  • VIP Welcome Event (Wednesday Night)
  • Cocktails & Networking Event
  • VIP Gala Night (Friday)
  • Special Seating
  • Early Entrance
  • VIP Welcome Bag
  • VIP Registration
  • Ribbon designation
  • $500 Loral Bucks (Valid for products/programs purchased at the event only.)

VIP Shark Panel

If you’re VIP, you have the opportunity to submit your business idea/plan to the shark panel and potentially get funding.

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Register for General Admission or VIP And Enjoy These Bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: Wealth Profile (Value of $2000)

    When you secure your seat for the 2016 Ultimate Millionaire Summit, you will automatically have access to our top wealth experts, including Rob Kolb of Financial Freedom Day. Rob will work with you to establish your financial baseline and provide a gap analysis with clear next steps on how you can bridge the “Gap” and make your financial goals a reality.

  • BONUS 2: Loral's YES! Energy Bootcamp (Value of $599)

    Secure your seat for the Ultimate Millionaire Summit today and get immediate access to the YES! Energy Bootcamp. Discover the unique “YES!” equation that focuses on 8 different areas of your life and learn how to create energy, momentum, and extreme optimism.

  • BONUS 3: 1-On-1 Tax Strategy Session (Value of $599)

    Secure your seat for the Ultimate Millionaire Summit today and you automatically receive a complimentary Tax Strategy session with one of our experts. Making money is one thing…Knowing how to manage and keep MORE of your hard-earned money is another skill set. We’re excited for you to learn some new techniques to keep more cash in your pockets.


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Grow Your Business. Grow Your Wealth.

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